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Asset management on B² Network with multiple strategies.
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BTC holders will receive two types of benefits when they stake BTC in B² Hub’s PoS:

1. B² token rewards from B² Hub PoS.

2. B² BTC Staking will participate in Babylon’s BTC Staking on Bitcoin by staking BTC to Babylon’s finality provider and it will also provide security for B² Hub through Babylon’s Finality Provider.

3. Third-party dApps can integrate the Hive Protocol, thus offering users more potential scenarios and rewards from third-party dApps.

In order to work safe, we fit the next points:

1. Committee of elected, best-in-class validators to minimise staking risk.

2. Use of non-custodial staking service to eliminate counterparty risk.

3. An audit conducted by ScaleBit

Users holding BTC can participate in Staking. Users who stake BTC into the B² Hub PoS will receive B² token rewards proportionally based on the amount of BTC staked.

The number of B² tokens produced per block is fixed, and the fixed quantity of B² token rewards will be evenly distributed among the BTC currently participating in the staking at that moment.

Users can stake and unstake anytime as they wish.


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